Home And Dry

I’ve been playing HOME AND DRY by the Pet Shop Boys for over 10 years, but only on backstage couches, in hotel rooms and on deserted beaches. Until Martin Hossbach asked if I would like to contribute a song to his Pet Shop Boys cover compilation. ✨🦄🦋🌸 together with Simon Bauer I made an arrangement with our harps and recorded it. You can have a listen on your streaming plattform or click into the video.


music recorded & arranged by Simon Bauer & Hans Unstern
mixed by Tilman Hopf

this film is a by-product from the upcoming Bonbons Aus Plastik video

shibari choreography: Dasniya Sommer

we are looking through the lens of Knut Klaßen

performance & camera: Sarah Diehl, Monika Gintersdorfer, Hauke Heumann, Simon Krahl, Knut Klaßen, Leon Klaßen, Tanno Pippi, Heike Qualitz, Lena Reuter, Daniel Schröteler, Dasniya Sommer, Franck Gaduko La Star, Tomben, Rosa Werneck

concept & cut: Hans Unstern
sound dramaturgy: Hans Unstern, Simon Bauer
costume: Hans Unstern, Dasniya Sommer
hair & make-up: Lena Reuter

filmed August 2020 at Floating University Berlin
thank you Floating University* e.V.

#shibari #artichoke #harp #petshopboys #harfe #coversong